In its statement of purpose the new corporation declared its intention:

What is Heritage?

“… to preserve our historic elements, and to develop and promote an appreciation for the heritage of the hamlet of West Nyack. To envision, seek community support for, and to bring about, projects of physical and cultural value by accessing public and private funds, programs, grants and donations. And to sponsor, publicize and present community events which will encourage public participation, sense of community and appreciation for the hamlet ...”


As a difficult year draws to a close, we wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your continued support for Heritage of West Nyack. While we may not have been able to see you in person, your ongoing contributions allowed us to continue to fight for our Hamlet even in these trying times. We hope you have all had a joyous holiday season, and we wish you all the best for a Happy, Healthy New Year. We are confident we will see you again in 2021!

Thanks again,
Heritage of West Nyack